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THE Closet Ruckus STORY

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Jessica Riann, Founder/Creative Director

Closet Ruckus combines handmade gemstone crystal accessories for the spirit with thoughtful lifestyle products to help ease the mind on this turbulent Earthbound journey. Love yourself first and foremost, but don't forget to share the love with others. Find great additions to create the best festival fashion wardrobe.

With depression and anxiety at all time highs, it's important to have safe outlets to release negative tension. We sometimes forget that we must do more than just consume medicine in order to get well. Physical and mental health must both be addressed when partaking in the healing process. Measure your goals every day, twice a day.

Subscribe to VIBE TRIBE LIFESTYLE for exclusive curated sets/kits where you can mix and match by keeping some goodies for yourself while also remember to bestow gifts upon those you care for. Follow the creative journey of the designer at her YouTube Channel here and donations can be made here to support her cause in helping other creative types get over their self limiting fears.

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